Neuroscience and Cognition Utrecht (NCU)

Neuroscience and Cognition Utrecht (NCU) is an umbrella organization uniting education and research activities in the field of Neuroscience and Cognition, within Utrecht University and the University Medical Center Utrecht. Seven faculties and three large research institutes are involved in NC Utrecht including the Faculty of Medicine - UMCU (Brain Center), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (Helmholtz Institute), Faculty of Humanities (Utrecht Institute of Linguistics), the Department of Biology, and the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. This combination of fields at Utrecht enables easy exchange between the various departments and allows Master students to combine courses and research internships from various research units in Utrecht. There foremost aim is to foster cross-disciplinary research into behavioural, cognitive, and neurobiological processes. 

To facilitate the collaboration between excellent investigators within the Utrecht area, NC Utrecht financially supports workshop, small group meetings, and research projects that aim to cross the monodisciplinary borders of neuroscience. 

As one of its activities, NC Utrecht also organizes topical annual summer schools, at a junior (master/early PhD phase) and a more advanced (senior PhD/postdoc) level. Our Neuroscience and Cognition Master students are welcome to apply (