Selection & deadlines

The academic year begins in September. The Board of Admissions begin accepting applications from 1st October. The deadline for processing applications is 1st April. Students requiring an early admissions decision in order to apply for scholarships should submit their applications before 1st December.

All students must apply via Studielink.

Students who apply in combination with an Erasmus Mundus application have to use the ‘applying UU’ procedure.

Once the complete application via Studielink has been received (online application, additional documentation and application fee), the UU Admissions Office will assess the application to see if the general entry requirements are met. The application is then sent to the selection committee of the Master’s Neuroscience and Cognition. The selection committee assesses all applications, taking into consideration the aforementioned selection criteria. The top 55 applicants will be selected. Successful applicants will receive an authorisation form which must be completed and returned to Utrecht University. As soon as the completed form is received, the student is registered at Utrecht University.