Rudolf Magnus Institute

The Brain Center Rudolf Magnus is one of three large research institutes in Utrecht active in the field of Neuroscience and Cognition. The institute houses over 150 senior scientists and close to 200 PhD students who receive an extensive training program. Its research is dedicated to Clinical and Experimental Neuroscience.

Unique for the Rudolf Magnus Institute is that is combines psychiatry with neurology (including rehabilitation), neurosurgery and basic neurosciences. Research is centered around four priority areas:

  • neurodevelopmental disorders, e.g. autism, ADHD and childhood epilepsy
  • psychotic disorders
  • motorneuron diseases
  • stroke

Questions common to all themes include: What happens to structural connectivity in the brain when people develop brain diseases? What are the genetic and environmental risk-factors that determine who will get ill and who stays healthy? And how can cell/animal models give more insight into the mechanisms underlying brain diseases?

The scientists of the Rudolf Magnus Institute publish in the best journals and are very successful in obtaining national and international funding. On an annual basis there are approximately 40 vacant positions for PhD students. Over the past years, 25% of these positions have been filled with students from the Master in Neuroscience and Cognition.